Carrol Gardens ~ Smith Street

Located in historic Carrol Gardens our 251 Smith Street location is our first shop serving fine coffee since 2016. Check out our backyard it is a little utopia inside concrete jungle.

Windsor Terrace ~ Prospect ave

Our 1233 prospect Avenue Brooklyn NY location is our greenest. Next door to the beloved Prospect Park this location offers outdoor seating as well as treats to our many four legged friends.

Williamsburg ~ Lorimer Street

Our Williamsburg location offers great work environment. With many indoor seating and high speed wifi our 561 Lorimer Street location will help you get your work done.

Poeticas Prospect Park

Poeticas Prospect Park West shop is a unique space that has this eternal spring we longed for and waited as it seems eternity during 2020. With a huge backyard and lots by that we mean lots of plants. Located at 240 Prospect Park West our shop is most instagrammable.

Located next door

Located next door to Barclays Center, our 529 Atlantic ave location offers a slight insight into our history which was 2020 (yeah we know) all the people and events that happened in that year and how we found inspiration and hope.

Atlantic ave

Prospect park west

Prospect ave

Smith street